Uterine and cervical cancer in Ahmedabad

Uterine and cervical cancer in Ahmedabad

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What is Uterine and cervical cancer

Cancer can start anywhere in the body. Cervical cancer starts in the cervix. It begins when cells in the cervix become out of handle and regular cells grow out. This produces it difficult for the body to function in the way it should.

Cancer cells can spread to other portions of the body. Cancer cells in the cervix can sometimes move to the lungs and improve there.

Cancer is always named for the position where it rises. Therefore, when cervical cancer increases to the lungs (or any other place), it is still called cervical cancer. It is not inquired lung cancer unless it starts with cells in the lung.

Uterine Cancer

Comprehensive cancer centers are passionate about increasing awareness about cancer prospects and giving recommendations for proper precautions. This involves conducting self-examination or simple protocols for routine screening based on age, family history, personal cancer history or other factors that develop risk. A cancer risk for women that draws close attention, and may benefit from early detection, is uterine cancer, or uterine cancer.

Identification and treatment of uterine cancer

Warning marks must be present, and a primary care physician or gynecologist should call for additional testing. The Comprehensive Cancer Medical Oncology Team can suggest the following treatment options, should the cancer be detected:

Surgery (usually, a hysterectomy)

radiation therapy


Hormone therapy

Targeted therapy (use of drugs or other substances to kill cancer cells.)