Mr. Mustak Vora , from Zambia , Africa.

"I had mouth cancer and we had treatment and operation with Dr. Laxmidhar and was a successful operation and the service provided was excellent. After operation treatmwnt and service is also excellent. We had a good experience with doctor and his unit. we also suggest other patients who has same problems please contact him for your best treatment. Thank you very much for saving my life."

Pt. Mr. Kishorbhai Mehta - Retired GIC officer

Respected sir,

We, Dr. Bhoomi Mehta n Akash Mehta, Sir, our father was not ready for surgery, we tried a lot for 20 days to convince him, went to various hospitals, but he was not ready n at last when he met you on 22/12/15, he was ready bcz of your familiar behaviour, n he got operated on 24/12/15, n today on 4/1/16, he is at ease, without any problem n this is all bcz of you sir, we appreciate your skill, knowledge, n nice behaviour with patients Thank you, sir for saving our father ´s life n giving him good life.
Sir, plz give my father ´s mob no. to anybody , so that they can ask about any queries regarding this operation n etc. No. is - 09825231343

Pt. Mr. Bosmiya´s Uncle Mr. Kishorbhai - Rajkot

Dear Laxmidharsaheb, I am thankful for my two patients as they are fully normal in life.Apart from that the love and affection shown to me as relative is really amazing. This shows the real DHANWANTARI lies in Laxmidhar.

Bhaskarbhai Patel

My story...

Before sometime, I was noticing a white patch on my tongue, and started to feel irritation. I went to Mr. M.I.Laxmidhar who treated me. The earlier you catch cancer the batter the out come will be. Dr. M.I.Laxmidhar done successful operation.I had taken treatment in long life hospital. Hospitals staff is too co operative. And Treatment result is positive. After one week recovery is seen. I am very thankful to Dr. Laxmidhar. Contact details... 9662777388