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Surgical oncology is a specialty that focuses on the surgical treatment of a variety of tumors.

Ephraim McDowell did the first reported resection of an ovarian tumor in 1809, but as early as the 7th century, ancient Egyptians described techniques for removing breast tumors.

How Cancer is Treated?

The cancer treatment options your doctor recommends depends on the type and stage of cancer, possible side effects, and the patients preferences and overall health.

In cancer care, different types of doctors often work together to create a patients overall treatment plan that combines different types of treatments.

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Head and neck cancer is cancer that starts in the lip, oral cavity (mouth), nasal cavity (inside the nose), paranasal sinuses, pharynx, larynx or parotid glands.

Most head and neck cancers are biologically similar.

Expert in Trans Oral Laser Micro Surgery

A minimally invasive surgery for treating cancers of the larynx and oropharynx has cure rates similar to those of open surgery and radiation therapy in selected patients.

Today, transoral laser microsurgery can achieve a cure rate similar to that of radiation therapy while offering better organ preservation and fewer adverse sequelae for selected patients with early- or intermediate-stage laryngeal or oropharyngeal cancers that are amenable to resection.